Price list for Hatta Tour

Half day tour Pick up Time 07:00 am to 08:00 am Drop time 02:00 pm
Full day tour Pick up time 07:00 am to 08:00 am Drop time 05:00 pm
Half day tour Full day tour
119 AED per person minimum 2 person 149 AED per person minimum 2 person
Pick & drop from your home Driving through Hatta mountain
Hatta Dam where you can do kayaking (extra charges) Heritage village
Hill park Wadi park
Photo stop on Hatta fort hotel Wadi hub park mountain biking extra charge(Full day)

What we do in desert safari Dubai

Time tourism Offer invites you to enjoy the Hatta Mountain tour. Dubai is popular for its constructive wonders and the bustling city ambiance, which tourists love to experience. This Emirate has more to offer in terms of tourism But more than the shining lights of Dubai life. If you are looking to make a different landscape and reunite with your adventurous identity, then the Hatta Mountain would be the perfect place to escape. Located in the east of Dubai,

Hatta Mountain tour provides an interesting mixture of nature tripping. Travelers and Visitors are treated the best of both worlds when they book a Hatta Mountain tour. There is also the off-road destination for the daring and adventurous discoverer, on the other hand, laid-back travelers can have their peace tour while appreciating nature.